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 Travel FAQs/ At the Hotel

At The Hotel

What about my luggage?

  • Upon arriving at the hotel, you will be asked to label your bag (with a sticker provided by the hotel) with your hotel room number. The porters will then bring your bag to your hotel room. Your will be responsible for your carry-on.


What are the hotel rooms like?

  • Hotel rooms are European First Class or better. Each room will have a private bath, TV, and phone. Most European hotels do not provide washcloths, so you may want to bring your own but do not leave them in the bathroom as the staff will whisk them away into the laundry and you will probably never see them again.


Are hair dryers available?

  • Some but not all hotels have hair dryers in the rooms. If you bring your own, remember the voltage is 220, so you will need your adapter and converter for all electrical appliances.


What meals are included in my trip?

  • Breakfast and dinner are included. Lunches only included when specified. Coffee or tea are served at breakfast but beverages at dinner will be at a supplemental charge.


How long is the typical sightseeing day?

  • On some days, you will depart the hotel between 7:00-9:00AM and return in the late afternoon around 5:00-6:00PM. Your guide will announce the sightseeing schedule.NOTE: Usually, a daily schedule with the next day's activities will be posted in the lobby of the hotel or ship.



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