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Why Use Paradise Biblical Tours?

Paradise Biblical Tours is part of the Paradise Travel family.  We are a travel management company

specializing in group travel experiences.  Our passion is group events and we have a proven

track record.  But it's much more than a passion.  It's a ministry.  We are a faith-based

company that realizes the positive, life-changing effect on believers who experience

a biblical tour from a Christian perspective.  There are a lot things that go into

making a group event successful.  Here are a few things we offer

that have contributed to our success.



  • The size of your group doesn't matter.  We've handled groups as small as 20 and as large as several hundred.

  • Our pricing is very competitive, easy-to-understand and transparent.  You'll know the exact cost of the trip, the conference fee if any and pricing for taxes, fees and gratuities.

  • A very generous tour conductor ratio of 10 to 1.  For every ten guests that are part of your land-based tour group, you receive one FREE trip including taxes and tips.

  • Our company is certified to help anyone with special needs or disabilities.


  • We'll be happy to assist you with a variety of promotional and marketing tools from flyers and brochures to promotional videos.

  • We've had years of experience in production, promotion and helping coordinate special group events.

  • The travel vendors and suppliers we use to put your to put your tour together are all faith-based.  Our U.S. tour operator is the largest organizer of faith-based Biblical tours in the country.  They have handled literally hundred of thousands of guests.  Their experience speaks volumes.

We will give your guests the best value for their dollar. And you won't

find anyone who will work harder to ensure your success than

Paradise Biblical Tours.  We'll use all our resources to help

you create an experience your guests will remember

the rest of their lives.

Imagine yourself on the Mount of Olives overlooking Jerusalem!

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