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  Life Changing Holy Land Tours

Israel: Seeing Is Believing

We specialize in faith-based and family oriented group travel.

Whether it's a cruise to Alaska with Gov. Mike Huckabee, a Caribbean cruise with several hundred guests featuring the top names in in Gospel music

or a trip to the Holy Land, we have the expertise to plan

and organize your next group event.


There is nothing that inspires and validates a person's faith like a trip to Israel.

To walk where Jesus walked; to go where the apostles ministered; or to see

historical places mentioned in the Bible, will make the Scriptures come alive.

There are two excellent travel suppliers we use for our tours to Israel.

ETS is the largest organizer of Christian tours to the Holy Land in the country.

They have worked with the largest ministries in the world and have

taken literally hundreds of thousands of guests to the Holy Land.

ETS offers two great options for anyone who wants to experience Israel.

1) Several very affordable pre-planned tours, for individuals

or groups of any size, with the option to customize

your own tour with twenty-five or more guests.

2) Intimate private tours with a minimum of six, up to eleven guests,

designed especially for families and friends who want to

experience Israel from an insider's point-of-view.

Our second travel supplier is actually based in Israel and offers a very 

unique perspective of the Holy Land, from a Jewish point-of-view.

They visit places in the Biblical heartland that most other suppliers simply

don't offer.  Their tours to Judea and Samaria focus on archeology and

Bible Prophecy in places like Beth El, Hebron, Shilo and Mt. Gerizim.

Each tour is tailor-made to suit the needs of each individual group. 

Contact us for more information on this incredible tour company.

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