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  Holy Land Tours by ETS

ETS offers a variety of itineraries; trips for first time visitors to the Holy Land,

or tours for those who have already been, featuring different points of interest.

Find the tour(s) that interests you, then click on your selection for more details.

Because this is a ministry, we offer some of the best pricing available, plus a

very generous tour conductor ratio of ten to one.  For every ten guests that

sign up for your land-based group tour, you receive one FREE trip,

including airfare.  Make your choice, decide what time of year

 you would like to travel, then give us a call or send

us an email for availability and current pricing. 

And for those who would like a completely different perspective of Israel

and the opportunity to see other New Testament cities and sites,

you might want to consider an ETS Bible Land cruise.

For a quick overview, CLICK HERE.

With a group of just 25 or more guests, we can customize

an ETS Holy Land Tour to your specifications. 

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